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Trista C. 

This is hands down the best investment I've made for my business. I was hesitant about coaching at first...can't I just run my business on my own? Sure, but I felt scrambled, struggled with getting my message across to clients, and was spending too much time on social media and not enough time doing actual "dietitian work". Working with Krista is awesome - I streamlined my admin work, increased 1-on-1 clients by 1.5x, and have consistently been hitting monthly revenue targets. I feel so confident about my business and the value I bring as a RD for my clients. I would recommend Krista to anyone looking to grow their business (or start one)!

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Tegwyn M.

This was my second (and most definitely not my last) time working with Krista. After venturing into entrepreneurship, she has been an incredible resource and individual to have in my corner. Her patience throughout our sessions is definitely something I value the most, she truly listened to my thoughts and my concerns, and provided incredibly supportive answers to everything (and even more!). I feel a renewed sense of clarity as to what my business can become, who I can help, and the future I can have. Krista is an incredible business coach, and someone that I recommend everyone meet and work with if they are considering an entrepreneurship venture in life!

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Jackie S.

Krista was a pleasure to work with. She is highly devoted to her clients and works with you in a partnership. She is there to support you every step of the way and is truly invested in seeing you succeed. Starting a business is an incredibly overwhelming and stressful experience as is. Having to do it alone would have made it all the more harder so I highly recommend investing in working with Krista to guide you and reassure you that you are on the right track.

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Cindy D.

RD - Endo.Fertility.Dietitian

Krista is very comprehensive in her sessions. She knows exactly what to ask or explore even before you do! She is very logical and intentionally in each session plan. I found this exceptionally helpful, especially as someone who has several thoughts running through my head at any one time. I would highly recommend working with Krista.

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Stephanie G.

"Krista has been a pleasure to work with. I have been 'working' on building my brand/business for the past two years but not seeming to make much progress or running in circles. When I started working with Krista, she gave me actionable steps that will actually help me build the foundations of my business. I am a person who wants to do it all and do it all right. So this framework Krista had set up allowed me to consistently make progress towards my business and attaining clients without having to do ALL the things. What I loved most about working with her, is that she met me where I was at in my business and valued my idea of my business vs a boxed-in standard. She truly has a customized approach to coaching that truly works. I would recommend Krista to anyone!"


Emma L.

"Being a stay-at-home mom working on my business part-time, I can't even say how much Krista's support has been helpful. Her guidance has allowed me to know where to concentrate my time and energy and get the information I needed (and more) right away to transform my ideas into reality."

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Jillian R.

"Krista is knowledgeable and insightful. Having her feedback, suggestions and resources helped me to gain clarity over my direction and business structure. She also helped with my level of confidence."

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Jodi R. 

"Krista knows her stuff when it comes to business and bring to the table her expertise and enthusiasm. Even though I have been in business for a while, working with Krista was my first experience with a business coach and I couldn't be happier. No matter your stage of business, investing in a business coach like Krista is a must to help you laser in on your goals and get results faster."

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Colleen E.

"Krista helped me find the right prices that made me feel like what I was doing was worth my time. Lastly, she opened my eyes to a vast amount of resources out there that are ready for me to use. The amount of time she has saved me already is unbelievable. I will for sure be back for more sessions with Krista!"


Kristen G.

"Krista is a fantastic coach. She is proactive, informative, relatable, positive, encouraging, non-judgemental, organized, expressive, communicative and goes above and beyond to support her clients. I would recommend Krista with no hesitation and look forward to working with her, again, in the future."

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Ame P.


"Krista understands exactly what a person needs when they are completely new to starting a business or when they need a structured “push” in the right direction. I participated in her 90-minute intensive coaching session, and we went over, step-by-step, who my target audience is, what kind of content would solve the problems they may be experiencing, and ways to monetize my website. Krista gave me feedback on my current practices, both what I am doing well and what I can improve on, so I left the session knowing where to focus my efforts. She has a well-designed resource pack of worksheets and guides with actionable tips that will help me increase my conversion rate. Overall, Krista is lovely to work with!"

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Amanda I.

"I would absolutely recommend Krista’s program to anyone who feels stuck. This program was the nudge I needed to keep moving forward with my business."


Alexandra K.

"Working with Krista was amazing! Getting the opportunity to reflect on my vision for my business and also fine tune that and define my niche further with someone else was really what I needed to take my business to the next level."