Dietitian Career Spotlight: Family Health Team Dietitian Kyla Blackie

Some of the biggest questions I had when I was a student were- how do I know if a certain career path is right for me? AND how do I know what opportunities are available to dietitians?

If this sounds like you, make sure to read on... One of my biggest goals with this page is to help future dietitians gain exposure to some of the unique and amazing opportunities available to them. So, to start off with our awesome RD Spotlight, I'd love to introduce you to Kyla Blackie!

Where do you work? Peterborough Family Health Team What was your path to get there? I knew I liked the idea of translating complex nutritional science into practical, everyday behaviours and skills. My first job offer out of internship was with a Family Health Team, which I knew would be a good opportunity to help people find realistic ways of improving their health. What do you love about your job? My favourite part of the job is helping people to gain self-awareness about what drives their food choices. I find the psychology of food and eating fascinating, so exploring the "why" of their eating behaviours is the best part of the conversation. I love helping people move away from restrictive dieting, and counseling them on true sustainable behaviour change strategies. What’s the hardest thing about your job? Meeting new people all day long, and adjusting my counseling approach to each personality and stage of change. What’s one piece of advice for students who want to pursue a similar career? Worry less about learning specific recommendations for each health condition. While important, there are many resources you can refer to as needed. Instead, focus on practicing your counseling skills, such as motivational interviewing. These skills are things you can't simply learn from a textbook - it takes time, thoughtfulness, and practice to implement these skills effectively. It can be challenging, but ultimately the best way to guide your patients along their health journey.

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