I'm Krista Kolodziejzyk, founder of

The Dietitian Project

I am a fellow Registered Dietitian, MPH and MBA student. I help dietitians and aspiring dietitians build smart, profitable businesses. 

I started TDP for one reason - I want to see more dietitians and dietetic students live up to their potential as powerful, empowered business owners. Want to be my next success story? 

the dietitian project:

our mission and values 

I started The Dietitian Project for one reason - I wanted to see more dietitians and dietetic students live up to their potential as powerful, empowered healthcare providers. Too often we see RD's feeling undervalued, under-utilized and underpaid while fighting an uphill battle against imposter syndrome, pseudoscience and fake news. My goal is to help dietitians realize the skills that they already have to find incredible career satisfaction and further the profession as a whole. 

The Dietitian Project is a community of like-minded, positive and empowered professionals. We don't stand for judgment, disrespect or ranting. We are committed to remaining curious and open-minded about the changing way that humans access healthcare and receive health information and we're active participants in these changes. Most importantly, we are here for each other. We support and empower other dietitians to realize this potential in themselves. 

If this sounds like a community you want to get involved in, we would love to work with you. Check out our business and student coaching, student Facebook group or creative services. 


The Dietitian Project Team